Differentiate By Value Addition

The IT industry appreciates knowledge, expertise and skills. Experience has value only when it is supported by these three valuable attributes.

We are an IT service provider. The marketing of custom software as a service is different than marketing of shrink wrapped software or hardware or a FMCG product. We sell a pack-age of knowledge, expertise and skills.

To differentiate our service from that of our competitor, the only attribute required is to match these attributes to the project‟s needs. Other attributes like “We are 100 years old company”,  “We are a great .NET team“,  “We have certified developers”, “We are CMMi certified or any other certification” – are of little use as a differentiators if the expectations of the client from the project is not delivered. In this sense client satisfaction can be used as a customized Quality Measurement Tool of the deliverables rather than the standard tools we use.

The process to maintain good quality of the service can be standardized but none can guarantee that following standard processes will always result in the good quality software. It all depends on how the client perceives real value addition. If a client requests a support period to remove bugs, his initial value addition may be just working software as per his expectation.

Are we making any difference by value addition?!!! Let’s think to gather.

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