Scam Scam. Take care IT companies / Freelancers

Scam Scam. Take care IT companies / Freelancers from

Dear All,

The intention of TRIMANTRA SOFTWARE SOLUTION LLP is to aware you about possible scam with IT COMPANIES/ FREELANCERS. Please refer below case in details.If you are contacted by,, Build Your System Pvt. Ltd. through any channel, please don’t make any financial transaction with them.

This company post a high budget projects (more than USD 30K) on various open market portal and force them to use (which is another scam) to bid on their project. They convince service provider that they would pay 25% on advance and insist service provider to pay USD 1000 as security deposit either using paypal or bank etc. They took away this deposit amount and never gives your project.
Please refer this case study…

A website development project was posted on reputed open market portal.We bid on this project.
The project was cancelled on that portal and Buyer (Amit Lama) has contacted us directly from our website.The buyer has insists us to use – and asked us to deposit USD 1000 as Guarantee deposit against the project budget of USD 30,000. We were communicated that as soon as we pay USD 1000 deposit they would release 25% of USD 30,000.We have checked the company credential before making security deposit. In the specification provided by them they have mentioned their company name as “Build Your System Pvt. Ltd.” and website :

Though the company is in India and we doubt that why the buyer wants to pay us in USD rather than Indian currency.

We sent our representative to their India office located at – (P-121, Lake Town, Block B, Ground Floor, Near VIP Sweets, Kolkata, India 700089). We surprised to know that there is no such company located at the address provided on their website.

There were about 29 bids have been posted and I think that Amit Lama must have contacted all of them and insist to make Guaranteed Payment through – It may possible that “lancerspace” also owned by the same person.

We have requested Amit Lama to present “Certification of Incorporation” and PAN card. After that he has not contact us anymore. Thank God we save USD 1000.

Here are the contact details of the person.

Contact 1 :

Name : Amit Lama

Title : Director – Technology Implementation

Company Name : Build Your System Pvt. Ltd.

Website :

Email Address :

Contact No. : +91.8420818425

Skype Id : bysfoundation


Contact 2 :

Name : Abhishek Gupta

Email Address :


I would request you not to make any communication and financial transaction  with this company.


Thanks & Best Regards,

Trimantra Software Solution LLP


23 thoughts on “Scam Scam. Take care IT companies / Freelancers

  1. Nirav Sanghvi

    If you check the whois records of both companies then they are registered on

    Creation Date: 07 Jun & 11 June 11
    with expiration Date: 07 Jun 12 & 11 June 12

    So even domains are kind of fake I think.
    Beware jumping in this market 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Exactly the same thing happened to us. Of course we didn’t pay $1K because the credentials on his website are all fake (see “credibility” tab).

    1) Certificate of Incorporation fake/unreadable
    2) ISO 9001 really belongs to (compare the images! 🙂
    3) Microsoft and IBM partner IDs are fake

  3. Yogesh Vachhani

    Sorry to say the I have become a victim to this scam.

    Only if I had researched a bit more on this company we should have been saved from paying them $1000.

    Can’t we do something about this company and about LancerSpace?

    1. Rakesh Thakor

      Hi Yogesh,

      This is Rakesh Thakor from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Will you please take some time and call me on my Cell +91 8866818887 or Office Phone : 07940327195.

      Sadly saying that We also become victim of this recently (last week)

      Many Thanks,
      Rakesh Thakor.

  4. Anonymous


    I have also been cheated by Amit and team and I have made the payment to his Axis bank account with details:
    Name: Amit Lama
    Type: Savings Account
    A/c No: 910010028349041
    Bank: AXIS BANK, Salt Lake, Kolkata
    IFSC Code: UTIB0000775

    Hope this wil be of some use to you Yogesh.

  5. Anonymous


    I have been duped too of Rs 50,000 which I paid to an AXIS bank account because of Paypal and Moneybookers not acccepting (I should have stopped right then).


  6. Trimantra Software Solution LLP

    Hi Rakesh,

    It’s a great initiative.

    I would appeal all victims to join Rakesh Thakor. He has already posted his contact details (Cell +91 8866818887 or Office Phone : 07940327195).

    There might be many victims other than on this blog as well. So, it’s our moral responsibility to prevent other to be victim as well.

    Rakesh, though we are not a victim, we would happy help you in case you need.

    All the best !!

    Bhavin Mistry
    Mobile : 00-91-94283 90909

  7. Rakesh Thakor


    I request all the victims to send email to CBI cyber crime department.

    We have send email to lodge complain to CBI Cyber crime reporting on below email addresses as per the link

    Hello Sir,

    I would like to lodge one complain against one group running Scam in India. They known as ATM Agro Group ( and, and they have cheated us (Many Others as well) in following way.

    1. They post high budget software development work/project on reputed sites like
    2. Once bidders(software developers like us) on bids on that project
    3. They directly contact the bidders via email and asks to deposit $1000 as security deposit on
    4. Once developer like us deposits the security deposit money, they disappear.

    As above we also have deposited 1000 USD in account and now they (atm agro and both) are not replying us.

    After researching bit on internet we have noticed that these companies are fraud and running scam in india. They have cheated many software developers / freelancers / companies which you can find in below links.

    We have all the communications emails and payment transfer transactions records with us, Please contact us if you required any detail.


  8. Anonymous


    Even I too have been duped by this person. I lost 53000/- last month. I am in discussion with SP, Crime Branch Cyber cell and have lodged an FIR against the company.


  9. Anonymous

    Hi, the bastard Amitkumar has activated again after 3 months… this time he has posted a project of and the site to make escrow payment is The same modus operandy carried out like last time, asking to submit 50K + in his account with following details

    Account Holder: AMIT LAMA
    Bank Account Number: 910010028349041
    Bank Name: AXIS BANK
    IFSC Code: UTIB0000775

    I really appreciate Trimantra software solutions for taking up this task on hand and preventing loss to freelancers/IT companies. Not revealing my name right now as I m trying to grab him by his collar this time

  10. Anonymous

    Every one please be aware. The company (previously, has changed name to has entered the market again with same modes operandy. Mr. Amit Lama gives project development work of of USD 25K and asks for depositing the escrow amt of USD 1000 to (which is their own fraud site to grab your money).Then they will ask u to submit cash INR approx arnd 50K+
    in below bank account

    Account Holder: AMIT LAMA
    Bank Account Number: 910010028349041
    Bank Name: AXIS BANK
    IFSC Code: UTIB0000775

    Once u will pay this amount they will not respond and u will loose all your money Just be careful and remain away. No one Pays more then you deserve… if some one is, then there’s something big coming behind it…Tc every one

  11. Anonymous


    If needed I can join you all too. I also was invited for this. I used paypal though. So I have filed disputes in paypal and also with my bank.
    Let me know if I can be of help.

  12. Ramesh

    I too lost 53000/ with this basted. I payed 53k

    This time he used

    Account Holder: AMIT LAMA
    Bank Account Number: 910010028349041
    Bank Name: AXIS BANK
    IFSC Code: UTIB0000775

  13. Anonymous

    Thank you so much…
    I was about to pay him $1K…
    you saved me..
    Greatly thankful to you.

    The GM name is Ms. Priyanka Chadha
    and the CTO name is : Amit Lama

    Please stay aware..

  14. Anonymous

    I was became a victim yesterday, I transferred to and escrowed to them ( 500 USD.
    How can I get back OMG!!!! please help me

    1. Trimantra Software Solution LLP


      It’s really sad!

      You can give a try to get your money. However, chances are less.

      1. If you have paid money through your bank via online transfer, you can request you bank to roll-back the transaction by saying that you made that transaction by mistake.

      2. If you have just escrowed the amount and not yet released to the party, you can revert escrow. However chances are very less in this case because – itself is a bogus I believe.

      Please check whois record of domain.

      3. Complain to nearby police station at earliest. It’s a cyber crime.

      Thanks & Best Regards,


    2. Anonymous

      I see that on the website, there is many users who is following his project. I see that the project information which he posted is the same and he assigned to many these users.
      Why he did a work that I can see this is easy to realize he is scam?
      Does anybody have some idea about this? and how can help other users there?

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