You are thinking of starting your own small to medium sized business and are done creating your business plan, gone through the preliminary preparations like meeting with your attorney, laid out things with an actuary and got the signal to put up your own company.
As soon as you are done with the first set of preparations you may wonder what are the materials and supplies that you would need to keep your business running smoothly, such as the company seal or logo.
This is where business rubber stamps come in handy. They are useful tools that are often overlooked, but they make life much easier and simpler for many businesses.
Rubber stamps business are also a great money-saving tool and help a great deal in saving your effort and time.
For example,
Office stamps such as address stamps are often used on stacks of mail envelops, saving you the energy of writing and re-writing the same information for hours. These stamps will also come in handy if you need to label documents – to declare if the document is done, for forwarding, or hold.
Stamps such as these can also show if a specific document is intended for one person alone.

Types of Rubber Stamps

There are three main types of rubber stamps in use today.

1. Traditional

The traditional is often mounted on a piece of wood which also acts as a holder. A stamp pad has to be used to provide ink to the rubber and transfer the ink onto paper. It is refillable with ink when it dries up. Of the 3 varieties, this is often the most affordable and can be used for larger sizes of imprints. Craft enthusiasts commonly use this type of stamp. Yet, the image created may be blurred due to insufficient ink or pressure used in making the impression.


2. Self-Inking

Self-Inking is usually comes with a mechanism that gives ink to the rubber. An ink pad is built into the stamp. It delivers a richer impression and is well targeted or positioned onto the paper or surface wherever it’s to be placed. At a same time, it’s not untidy, not like traditional stamps. This type of stamp is also known as a pushdown stamp because of the way the rubber is pushed down onto the printing surface. It is also termed a printy.

3. Pre-Inked

Stamps that are pre-inked are the most convenient as the ink or dye is built into the body itself. It is smaller in size than the self-inking type and less bulky. Pre-Inked produces brighter and sharper images than the previous discussed sorts of stamps. Like the self-inking kind, this one is additionally simply focused or positioned. It can produce hundreds if not thousands of impressions because of the special type of ink used. Yet, it is also the most expensive type.

Rubber Stamp Making Process

There are two different ways in which rubber stamps are made; thus traditional and modern ways like machines — your preference among the types of the manufacturing process as per your skill and capital.

The Traditional Way:

The traditional way of rubber stamp making is the oldest method of rubber stamp making which totally depends on labor-intensive work. It’s regarded as the cheapest method of making rubber stamps.

The procedure of traditional stamp making process includes;

  • The first procedure involves making the stamp by vulcanizing the rubber in a press with the use of a mold.
  • The mold is made by joining some letters.
The traditional ways of rubber stamp making are an inexpensive method, but its procedure takes a longer period.

The Modern Way:

Following the introductions of mechanical appliances and the advancement of technology, stamp making process has become very easy in every ramification. Thou this is more expensive than the traditional ways.
This approach of stamp making involves the use of rubber stamp making machines for the production process. The modern way of stamp making is widely used because the machines can do the job in the fastest, perfect and efficient way.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Rubber Stamp Making As A Business Options

Starting a business can be a tremendously challenging step in every career growth. For prospective entrepreneur stepping off the corporate track and being the boss is a tremendously attractive option. Starting rubber stamp making business can be easily started at a small place in your residence.
Rubber stamp making business can also be established with a small investment of capital. Also, the business can also start along with your different other ventures.
Additional the process of starting rubber stamp making is also very easy and hassle-free.

Steps To Start Your Rubber Stamp Making Business:

In starting your Rubber Stamping business, you need to take the following steps into considerations;
Before starting any business, you need to make an extensive plan. Before you proceed in starting your own rubber stamp business. Specific requirements for a Rubber Stamp business plan would be:
  • The sources for funding the business
  • How much investment is required?
  • Strategy Market position
  • Competitiveness
  • Consider Cost of the Rubber Stamps
  • Rubber Stamps Sale Price
  • How Profitable is the business

Things To Consider When Starting Your Rubber Stamp Making Business

  • Endeavor to avoid any spelling mistakes in the text of your stamps. Spelling mistakes will create a bad impression of your business.
  • Ensure your raw materials and equipment are of good quality; Always purchase good quality handles, because the quality of your product, would play a major role in advertising your business.
  • Opt for the best Marketing strategy which should be through the Internet, magazines, and newspapers.


Promoting Your Rubber Stamp Making Business

In an increasingly technological society, it’s not enough to hand out flyers and business card although these are good ways to promote a business. Effective and efficient promotion of your business can generate many clients. You can use An interactive Ecommerce website with custom Rubber Stamp design with live preview, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your business by writing blogs. about the kinds of products you sell and how potential customers can use them in daily life.
At the infant stage, you need to focus and work hard on acquiring a good number of clients as after some time the business gets the exposure with verbal communication only.
Rubber stamps have a tremendous market demand, and if the promotion is done efficiently, there’s a chance of achieving greatly in the business.


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