Google Apps for Business deployment experience

I have personal experience in Google app. Google is one of best solution provides if you compare with other “giant” in the cloud technology. (To me it is the best J ; I am big fan of Google)

There are few points we need to consider when we talk about IT infrastructure

  • Hardware
  • Software and license
  • Resource to maintain these

If you calculate the cost of these, then it is huge amount and recursive as you have to keep on running this infrastructure.

Even if you are able to manage these all, then also there are problems like down time, alternate backup plan, technical expert to maintain etc.

Looking at these issues if you plan to switch some (like email, DMS) of the IT backbone into cloud then it is a smart step. For small scale company it is free of cost. You just need to pay for domain registration and Internet connection!

I have personally configured Google app for small scale Business Company and it is very easy going. You can surely transfer organisational email, Intranet site, Blog, DMS (Document management system) in Google app. And I was able to do in 1st trail.

There are few things you need to take care of

  • If the organisation is running with existing business solution like “MSexchange” then you need to make a transition plan, backup plan, and migration plan.  Google even provides help doc on migration on Microsoft exchange or lotus note
  • You need to have domain control panel access to do necessary changes at the time of migration.
  • If you have basic idea about domain management then you can do it yourself. Even Google provides good documentation on this
  • Yes you can take support of reseller for pricing when you have large no of accounts to be shifted on Google
  • One thing you can surely try is, if you have more than one domain and if one of them is not configured with mail or blog or intranet site (I mean MX record and other A type record are free other than www type record) you can make a trial run using that extra domain before you start with main domain. This will help you to understand the complete process

Wish you all the best for migration J
Please feel free to contact if you need any help.

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